Who is My Advisor?

Staff and faculty advisors at the University of North Texas can help you with major requirements and degree planning. Depending on your major and/or minor, you might have more than one academic advising office to visit throughout your academic career.

You can go to your academic advising office for assistance in understanding and making connections between your personal, education, and career goals. After you have been accepted into your major and course of study, you will be working with the advisors in your chosen college. Note that some majors require fulfillment of preadmission requirements.

You and your advisor are active, collaborative partners in pursuing your academic success. To find your academic advisor, contact your department (shown below).

College of Arts and Sciences GAB 220  
College of Arts and Sciences  GAB 220 (940) 565-2051
College of Business BLB 110 (940) 565-2110
College of Education MATT 105 (940) 565-2736
College of Engineering Discovery Park, Suite A101  (940) 565-4201 
College of Information Discovery Park, Suite C232 (940) 565-2445
College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism CHIL 385 (940) 565-4635
College of Music CHIL 211 (940) 565-3860
College of Public Affairs and Community Service CHIL 289  (940) 565-4115 
College of Visual Arts and Design ART 111 (940) 565-2216
Mayborn School of Journalism GAB 107  (940) 565-3365 
Honors College SAGE 257  (940) 565-3305